Free Rally Two

Free Rally Two is one of the most awesome multiplayer games at the moment. There are 9 vehicles such as cars, moto or helicopters for you to choose. Drive your vehicles around the city and find other vehicles and pull them over.

Each vehicles has its own unique feature.If you choose police sedan, you will have a police function arest on the moto police.

Let's enjoy your time with Free Rally Two.


  • WASD, arrows to drive
  • space to use the handbrake
  • mouse to lock cursor
  • f, right mouse to fire on helicopter, buggy and Sofy
  • v to seek rocket on helicopter, buggy and Sofy
  • e to enable/disable police alert on moto police
  • f to stop car on moto police
  • shift to use nitro on moto
  • r to signal
  • g to let the vehicle go up
  • l to use the light on the car
  • l to start/stop engine on the helicopter
  • c to change camera view
  • esc to return to the menu


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